Anyone Can Change for the Better: even if They Don't Know How

The Power of Simplicity is a practical, easy workbook to achieve the changes you want.
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Simple Steps

We can all change, the question is are we ready to? Even if we don't know how...
Go to Clearing


To make lasting change, we need to clear out the “old weeds” of negative habits and thoughts. The Power of Simplicity system does just that.

Go to Clarity


Clarity is finding the answer to: what am I here for? The secret answer is buried like a jewel in your heart. This process uncovers that for you.

Go to Consistency


There are no short cuts, no free lunches sadly. The good news is a small amount of action goes a very long way. The Power of Simplicity is designed to support you when the going gets hard.

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Compassionate Change

As we learn to be kinder to ourselves and others, we will naturally change. One day, you’ll wake up and look back and see just how very far you’ve come. Life never, ever gives problems we can’t handle. The Power of Simplicity allows you to learn to trust your own self again.

I recently picked up your book on “The Power of Simplicity” to read. It was inspiring yet practical. In fact, it’s a much needed boost for me at this point of my life. So much fear and negativity around me with every spectrum of life. Anyway, thank you for the great yet simple formula disclosed in the book.

Victoria Lu, Securities Commission

About The Book

The Power of Simplcity is a simple, easy to use workbook for personal transformation
You already have all you need within you.

I know for a fact, from seeing thousands change during trainings I've conducted that we are already good enough. We just need to clear away the noise that interferes with that.

We really are never given problems we can't handle. It just feels that way.

We also have all the solutions for change to hand. Usually there within you.

The Power of Simplicity is about giving you the tools to discover the best of you. It's already there. Think of it as a map to take you on a journey to the best you, but you've forgotten the way.   Tell Me More About the Book

  • Without self-esteem, not pride or arrogance, whatever we know is really useless. As we learn to keep our promises to oursleves and others, our self-esteem naturally rises. The Power of Simplicity reduces your self-sabotage which also fractures self-esteem.

  • Clear out the noise to have a less noisy life

  • When we react to situations, we lose our power. As we learn to live in the world as it is we can choose to respond rather than react

  • We give away our power in relationships, work, in the assumptions we make. In all of these we give away pieces of us. When we're more centered in ourselves we can choose the response that is for the greatest good of all. Could you use a little more of that?

About The Author

Anthony Davie

Author,Coach, Sustainable Life Trainer

He has lived and worked all around the world including Mexico where he was born, Guatemala, Argentina, United Kingdom, Sudan, Qatar, United States, Singapore and Malaysia. In his past career,he has run his own companies and been a high flying corporate employee on many occasions. However, it was not always that way for him. He had a difficult childhood and created and crashed businesses and relationships. It was at a very low point four years ago he made a decision to turn his life around. It was these deep life experiences that give him the insights that he shares with others through his seminars, book (“The Power of Simplicity”) and software products. By working deeply, but simply on the mindset of success, this process will allow anyone from any background, culture or education to get more control of their life, reduce fears, increase joy and dramatically build self-esteem.
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