3 Steps to Emotional Peace

The Power of Simplicity is about honesty and sincerity. With your heart, your being.

It is simple, but it may not be easy.

Change is scary unless you have a guide who’s been there before.

pos-coverWe make the world much harder than it needs to be.

The 3 steps are simply these:

  1. Clearing Your Junk and Noise
  2. Learning to Be Clear and Honest with Yourself
  3. Being 100% responsible for your choices

These are steps that take time, consistency and patience with yourself.

For those who feel their life is a mess, well, it took a while to get that way. It will take a surprisingly small amount of time to get back on track.

I know this to be a universal fact:

  • We are never given problems we can’t handle, even if it doesn’t feel that way
  • We have all the solutions at hand, most often within us already
  • There is nothing wrong with any of us, we just need to clear the junk out of the way to let our brilliance shine freely.

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