The Author: Anthony Davie

For the last 20 years Anthony has developed a unique, simple and easy to learn process to make life more rewarding, wealthier, simpler and just plain fun!

He has lived and worked all around the world including Mexico where he was born, Guatemala, Argentina, United Kingdom, Sudan, Qatar, United States, Singapore and Malaysia. In his past career,he has run his own companies and been a high flying corporate employee on many occasions. For example, he has worked in IT as a Chief Information Officer of a South East Asian Regional Bank(RHB), he has worked as a Global Account Manager with Hewlett Packard as the client and he has worked in many industries including telecommunication, engineering, aerospace, education and property development. He has worked in Asia, Europe and North America.

However, it was not always that way for him. He had a difficult childhood and created and crashed businesses and relationships. It was at a very low point four years ago he made a decision to turn his life around. It was these deep life experiences that give him the insights that he shares with others through his seminars, book (“The Power of Simplicity”) and software products. Today, he is in a successful career, in a loving relationship and living the life he deserves. His process has helped hundreds of people achieve more happiness, wealth, calmness and purpose in their lives.

By working deeply, but simply on the mindset of success, this process will allow anyone from any background, culture or education to get more control of their life, reduce fears, increase joy and dramatically build self-esteem.

The Concept

The Power of Simplicity process is based on the following ideas:

  • We're all doing the best we can with what we know
  • None of us are broken or missing anything, it's all within, we just need to find it
  • We're all fine, we just need to clear up the emotional noise
  • Happiness, peace and fulfillment is our natural state, only stale beliefs keep us from living from that space
  • If the author can do this, then so can you!

The Process

The Power of Simplicity process is the the product of direct experience and effort on the author's part. The goal and the inspiration in many ways, was the goal to make it "as simple as necessary but no simpler".

The other goal of the process is to be so easy to use that anyone, no matter how little time they have can use the processes here.

The Book

The process described above was used to write the book itself. The author made at least one hour of writing per day, a conscious requirement to keep the momentum going. The book was written in two months, with one further month for printing preparation.

Truth be told, the hardest part was "getting out of the way", meaning getting the ideas an preconceptions of what should happen get removed. The best writting happend when there was "less" of the author's concious concepts in the way. By using the writing process as a way to connect with the sub-concious and let when needed to be said, come out, was the biggest challenge.

The book itself is spiral bound on recycled paper.